Shrimp Tank Time Lapse

Video time lapse from the very beginning. Taking down the 30L Dennelre Shrimp Tank, and the rebirth of the 64 Litre. The recording went very well, however the only downfall is that I don’t have an expensive video camera, just my iPhone 7. But it’s not too bad, still 1080p. The taking down, and then … Continue reading Shrimp Tank Time Lapse

More Diamond Tetras, and Rainbow fish

I went to the aquarium shop knowing that I would be purchasing more Diamond Tetras to add to the boisterous shoal that I already have. 10 Diamonds strong. I bought another 8 as their deal was £10 for 4. You don’t mess with 18 Diamond Tetras. I didn’t know that I would also be coming home … Continue reading More Diamond Tetras, and Rainbow fish

Replacing the Dennerle Shrimp Tank

This 64 litre used to be my main tank. After upgrading to the 4ft, it’s been in my loft. Iv posted a load of posts about the 64 litre. I currently have a 30 litre Dennerle cube tank sat on an IKEA unit that I recently reinforced. I reinforced the unit specifically to hold the … Continue reading Replacing the Dennerle Shrimp Tank

New Neon Tetras

I have to admit, these amazing little fish were an impulse buy, neon tetras. Neon Tetras are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. However I have never really kept them properly. They’re small, cheap and very colourful. I bought 6 of them, to go in my little 30 litre, Dennerle Shrimp … Continue reading New Neon Tetras

My experience with White Cloud Mountain Minnows

I kept White Cloud Mountain Minnows (WCMM) for quite a while. First as a beginner, and then as an experienced fish keeper I really got to enjoy them. WCMM are very popular beginner fish These fish are very popular mainly because they’re cheap, small, and don’t require a heater in their aquarium. Although optimum temperature … Continue reading My experience with White Cloud Mountain Minnows

New Diamond Tetras

It took me ages to capture these macro shots of my Diamond Tetras, I should have a video up soon! Edit: Video below My new 140 litre tank with my two canister filters, 9 Ember Tetras and 6 panda corys came up as 1000% filtrated when entered into aqua advisors calculator. This means I was … Continue reading New Diamond Tetras

Fish in Mallorca with my GoPro

I got back from my holiday in Mallorca, 3 days ago and I took full advantage to capture fish on video camera, in the sea, with my GoPro. The quality from the GoPro is supposed to be 1080p, but it’s not actually that good. However it’s not terrible quality, so have a look. Swallowing seawater … Continue reading Fish in Mallorca with my GoPro

Feeding Frozen Blood Worms

Once a week I like to feed frozen blood worms to all my fish. Frozen blood worms are seen as a treat, as most fish love them. I also think it offers the fish a variety in taste and texture as well as a variety in nutrition. Frozen blood worms can be purchased for cheap … Continue reading Feeding Frozen Blood Worms

Feeding time in the tank with my Panda Corys, WCMM and RC Shrimp

When it comes to feeding, Panda Corydoras for example need high protein food, and like all other fish, a varied diet. My Pandas have a mixture of high protein pellets, a long with left over fish flake, and micro pellets that my other fish have left over, and also some shrimp pellets and frozen blood … Continue reading Feeding time in the tank with my Panda Corys, WCMM and RC Shrimp