Shrimp Tank Time Lapse

Video time lapse from the very beginning. Taking down the 30L Dennelre Shrimp Tank, and the rebirth of the 64 Litre. The recording went very well, however the only downfall is that I don’t have an expensive video camera, just my iPhone 7. But it’s not too bad, still 1080p. The taking down, and then … Continue reading Shrimp Tank Time Lapse

64 Litre Shrimp Tank: Complete

In a previous post: Replacing the Dennerle Shrimp TankĀ I talked about how I was going to replace my 30 Litre Dennerle Shrimp Tank with a new larger tank. My old 64 litre shrimp tank. Well, it’s complete. This is the shrimp tank setup. With photos and a video time lapse of me doing the whole … Continue reading 64 Litre Shrimp Tank: Complete

Replacing the Dennerle Shrimp Tank

This 64 litre used to be my main tank. After upgrading to the 4ft, it’s been in my loft. Iv posted a load of posts about the 64 litre. I currently have a 30 litre Dennerle cube tank sat on an IKEA unit that I recently reinforced. I reinforced the unit specifically to hold the … Continue reading Replacing the Dennerle Shrimp Tank