4ft Planted Tank Update (140L)

This is a quick update on my 4ft planted tank (140 Litres). Very recently Iv had a problem with all my lush green plants going a bit brown. An algae infestation. Some BBA (Black Beard Algae), and just a general browning, across the tank. After having stared at it for a few days I came … Continue reading 4ft Planted Tank Update (140L)

More Diamond Tetras, and Rainbow fish

I went to the aquarium shop knowing that I would be purchasing more Diamond Tetras to add to the boisterous shoal that I already have. 10 Diamonds strong. I bought another 8 as their deal was £10 for 4. You don’t mess with 18 Diamond Tetras. I didn’t know that I would also be coming home … Continue reading More Diamond Tetras, and Rainbow fish

New Diamond Tetras

It took me ages to capture these macro shots of my Diamond Tetras, I should have a video up soon! Edit: Video below My new 140 litre tank with my two canister filters, 9 Ember Tetras and 6 panda corys came up as 1000% filtrated when entered into aqua advisors calculator. This means I was … Continue reading New Diamond Tetras

My new 4ft fish tank: Complete

Read all posts about my new 4ft fish tank. Having only been in my new house for two weeks I still haven’t had my internet setup. This has gave me the opportunity to set up my new 4ft fish tank, and obsessively mess about with it. I posted before that I wanted the new tank to … Continue reading My new 4ft fish tank: Complete