2 months plant progression update aquarium

Plant progression after 2 months update

After ripping out the whole left side of my aquarium plants to re-plant with off-cuttings I have taken another photo just 2 months later to record the plant progression.

It’s pretty much grown in. However I left the curtains open a couple of times when the sun was out in the summer, so there is a bit of algae build up.

Ignore the right hand side, I did a complete rescape with all the plants on this side. They used to be pretty much all the same, then I replaced the right hand side with Cabomba.

The only thing I use to fertilise is the Dennerle V30 complete. It’s shrimp safe and pretty effective.

Before, and then 2 months later.

2 months plant progression update aquarium
New plant trimmings on the left hand side of the tank
2 months plant progression update aquarium
2 months later and the trimmings have grown in

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