Java Moss Wall Carpet

An alternative way to add moss to the aquarium

So i got sick of my scraggy moss, webbing its way around my tank attaching itself to plants and everywhere else in the tank.

But rather than bin it off, I thought it essential to my Shrimp and their ever growing population. So I made a moss wall.Java Moss Wall Carpet

Java Moss Wall Carpet

Basically you tie it to some sort of mesh or plastic grate and sucker it to the side of the tank up out of the way, so you get a nice little patch of moss everyone can enjoy, without it attaching itself to everything. This way you can also easily trim it, and even take it out in one piece if needed.

Java Moss Wall Carpet

I used a plastic mesh grate, (finer mesh would probably be more ideal) from the bottom of an unused food container and used cotton to tie the mesh to the front and tucked the overflowing moss behind the back to encourage it to grow around.

I then cable tied some suckers to the mesh to easily attach it to the side of the tank. The Shrimp took to it immediately.

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