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About me

Kieran Hunter, from England and i’m a web designer.

I’m very much into keeping fish and the aquarium hobby. So much that I decided to create my own personal blog about it. I write posts mainly about my tank updates, new plants, equipment and the fish themselves. I’m still learning, and teaching.

Kieran Hunter

The aquarium hobby is getting more and more popular which means it’s very important that new people starting out, do things properly, for the sake of the fish. Even in todays times, just about anybody can buy aquarium fish, but not everybody is educated enough in this particular field to keep them properly.

My blog and other online forums such as Tropical Fish Forums UK (A great place to ask questions) are here to try and educate newcomers on how to properly keep fish.

I’m a very amateur photographer, and currently own a Canon 450D sometimes using my Tamron 90mm Macro lens, doing the best I can taking photos for the site.

However every single photo on this site is my own, unless stated otherwise, like a link to a product or something.

I enjoy keeping fish and blogging about it, still learning everything, so the content and images are only going to get better!

To date I currently keep:

140 Litre (4 foot long) fish tank with Ember Tetras, Panda Corys, Diamond Tetras, Blue/Bosemani Rainbow and Otocinclus fish. This tank has a Fluval 206 external canister filter which is fantastic, along with an All Pond Solutions EF1000 which so far seems very good. I also have a 200W Eheim heater. This tank was set up in November 2016.

4dt tank rescape 140 litre aquarium

The 64 Litre Shrimp Tank. I took down the 30 Litre Dennerle Shrimp Tank and replaced it with my original 64 litre, added new Red Cherry Shrimp, and some Neon Tetras.

64 litre shrimp and neon tetra planted tank

64 litre shrimp and neon tetra planted tank

64 litre shrimp and neon tetra planted tank

The 30 Litre Dennerle Shrimp Cube (Now taken down and replaced with the above), with a 50W Dennerle internal heater and an Aquael Mini Pat filter. The tank is fairly new but iv’e already got a couple of Red Cherry Shrimp Babies. This tank was set up in July 2016.

how to reinforce an aquarium stand

Red Cherry Shrimp close up macro shot Canon Tamron lens

My previous tank was a 60L Interpet tank that I used to refer as the ‘main tank’ until I upgraded to the 4ft.

I also set up a couple nano Red Cherry Shrimp tanks. A 12 litre nano shrimp tank, and a 10 litre Vase shrimp tank with no equipment. These were great fun, but I did take them both down and transfer all my shrimp to my new 30 litre Dennerle tank.

I post most of my pictures to my Instagram account. All my posts go to Google Plus, and I also have a YouTube channel where i’ll be uploading more videos soon.